Francis George HABKIRK

Francis George HABKIRK was the second son of John HABKIRK & Susan BARBOUR.

Francis George HABKIRK was born in 1881, and he passed away on 1 March 1969 in Vancouver, B.C.

Francis married Blanche HEATHERINGTON. Family history says Blanche passed away in 1941, however, Francis George HABKIRK remarried in 1917, and his marriage certificate says he was a widower. View Francis George HABKIRK/Fannie Robina GAUTBY marriage record. From this marriage record we know Francis George HABKIRK was a soldier in 1917.  Our thanks goes to Yvonne Ingram for supplying this marriage information.

Francis George HABKIRK and Blanche HEATHERINGTON had the following children:

     Hazel Minnie HABKIRK, born in 1910. Hazel married Carson Pritchard. Hazel passed away in 1983.
          Carson Pritchard passed away in 1985.

Francis George HABKIRK and Fannie Robina GAUTBY were married on November 8, 1917. had the follwoing children:

     Harry George Henry HABKIRK, born in 1919. Harry married Margaret HETHERTON.
          Harry & Margaret had three children.
          Harry G. H. HABKIRK then married Jean HORSMAN. Jean was born in 1930 and passed away in 1996.
          Harry and Jean had two sons.
          Harry passed away in 1980.

     John Gordon(Gordon) HABKIRK, born in 1919. John married Clarice  or Clarissa McGRAW.
          Gordon and Clarice had four children. Gordon passed away in 1988.
          Gordon and Clarice's eldest son John Gordon HABKIRK passed away on 26 June 2013, at age 71.

Fannie Robina GAUTBY was born around 1881 and she passed away around 1945.

Francis George HABKIRK had a third wife named Belle LEACH. Belle died arounf 1945.

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