Matthew Barr HABKIRK & Margaret McMILLAN

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Matthew Barr HABKIRK was born 7 October 1853, the third child of George HABKIRK and Mary HENDERSON.
Matthew Barr HABKIRK passed away on 22 March 1930. Margaret McMillan was born on 23 December, 1863, and she passed away in January 26, 1925. Based on the 1881 census, Margaret McMillan is probably the daughter of Laughlin(age 60) and Anne(age 50) McMillan. There are 10 children living with this couple in McKillop in 1881, and one is Margaret, age 17. There are no other Margaret McMillan's living in McKillop age 16, 17 or 18 as of 1881. Since Margaret's first daughter is named Anne, the same as her mother, we proably have the right family of McMillans.

Matthew Barr HABKIRK married Margaret McMillan and they had the following children:

     Annie HABKIRK, born about 1887. She married a man named Smith. Annie passed away March 13, 1944.

     George Allan HABKIRK, born 17 April 1891.  He married Rebecca Maude MORRIS.

     Albert Bond HABKIRK, born 24 Dec 1894..  He married Belle Hunter.

     Arthur HABKIRK, born 1 Dec 1903.  He married Annie HUNTER. Arthur passed away on 15 Janaury 1977.

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