Rebecca FINDLEY & Samuel Rudolph FERGUSON

Rebecca FINDLEY was a daughter of Deborah HOPKIRK & Robert FINDLEY

Rebecca was born 17 March 1858 at Frankenstein, Missouri

Rebecca married Samuel Rudolph FERGUSON on 11 June 1876 at the Robert Findley residence, Benton Township, Osage County, Missouri. The services were performed by William Stephens, Justice of the Peace.

Rebecca and Samuel had the following known children:

     Joseph Daniel FERGUSON, born June 1876

     Robert FERGUSON, born 15 Feb 1879

     Thomas Milton FERGUSON, born Oct 1881(Listed as a House Painter in 1910 census)

     Agnes Isabel FERGUSON, born Mar 1885

     Alma Edith FERGUSON, born Sept 1896

From the 1880 census we find that Samuel was born in October 1854 in Missouri, his father was born in Virginia and his mother in Missouri. We also find that Rebecca was born in March 1858 in Missouri and both of her parents were born in Scotland.

Rebecca passed away on 17 April 1936 at Osage County, Missouri

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