Margaret Hopkirk & John MONARD
Margaret HOPKIRK was born 22 May 1791, the daughter of James HOPKIRK and Anne WRIGHT

Margaret probably married John Baptiste MONARD.

Margaret and John Monard had one known child:

      Alexander MONARD/MENARD, born 10 September 1813 in Melrose, Scotland and baptised in Melrose the next day.

Because Margaret is not named in the June 30, 1841 letter written by Isabella Home Hopkirk, while all other living  children of her parents were mentioned in the 1841 reading of the will, we can assume that Margaret had passed away prior to 1841.
We have found Margaret's death record, from of the old Melrose Parish records Margaret HOPKIRK passed away on 9 December 1817 from "fever", age 27.

From this page of Margaret's sister Mary Hopkirk's will
  we learn that one of the Executors of Mary's will is her sister Margaret's son Alexander Monard, a shoemaker of Soho, London. Obviously Alexander spent his younger years in Melrose learning his trade from his grandfather and uncles. So this puts the number of Hopkirk and their descendants at atleast 9 shoemakers, but there were probably more, since we have not checked for occupations for all of James' grandchildren, and his great grandson James Hopkirk Monard was also a shoemaker.

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