James(5) Hopkirk was the second son of James(4) HOPKIRK and Anne WRIGHT

James was christened 14 January 1783 in Jedburgh. His parents were recorded as James HOBKIRK and Ann WRIGHT.

On 21 January 1804 in  Melrose, James HOPKIRK married Jean TURNBULL. Given the fast start they had in producing children, there were certainly more children that were unrecorded.  Following is a listing of the known children of this couple: (We have since found 3 more in Jedburgh, and listed them below)

     James(6) HOPKIRK, christened 23 Feb 1806, Melrose, Scotland *

     William(6) HOPKIRK, christened 27 Dec 1807, Melrose, Scotland

     Marrion(6)(female) HOPKIRK, christened 8 Apr 1810, Melrose, Scotland *

     Anne(6) HOBKIRK, born 14 Jun 1812, Jedburgh, Scotland

     Thomas(6) HOBKIRK, christened 8 Dec 1816, Jedburgh, Scotland.**

     Margaret HOPKIRK, born about 1819 in Jedburgh, Scotland. Died 20 August 1827 at "age 8, daughter of James Hopkirk, shoemaker". and is buried at the Jedburgh Abbey.

     Robert(6) HOPKIRK, christened 11 May 1823, Jedburgh, Scotland 

*= The 1881 census lists James HOBKIRK, unmarried aged 70, born in Melrose and Mary HAEDIE, widow aged 68 born in Melrose.  Mary had married William HARDIE on 2 June 1834 in Glasgow. They proably just gave the wrong ages to the census taker.

**= The age is off a couple years, but this is proably the Thomas who was living at Earlston, Berwick, Scotland in 1881. His dwelling place is listed as "Creases Stead Dogskennels Cottage"  His age is given as 68, a widower, born Jedburgh  Also living in the same dwelling were Margaret TESTRAIS, a widow, aged 28 of England and her 4 year old son John James TESTRAIS. Another possibly is that he was the Thomas HOPEKIRK, unmarried, living at High Street, Lilliesleaf, Roxburgh, age 66, born at Ashkirk, Roxburgh. Also living with him were William and Ellen TURNBULL, a married couple aged 65 and 58 and born in Roberton and Wilton, Roxburgh, respectively. The Turnbull name is interesting, but there was a Thomas Hobkirk born in Ashkirk in 1813 to Thomas and Janet Hobkirk, and he is probably this second census item.

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