George(7) Howard HOPKIRK & Mary P. KIRKMAN

George(7) was the youngest child of James(6) HOPKIRK and Emma Elizabeth ALDER

George Howard HOPKIRK was born 25 Jan 1865, St John's, Capetown, South Africa. George was baptized on 19 February 1865 at St. John's the Evangelist Church, Cape Town, South Africa. His father is listed as James Hopkirk and his mother is Elisabeth Emma Hopkirk. The Officiant was TS Hancock. Witnesses were John J. Tyson, James Hopkirk and Elisabeth Emma Hopkirk.

George(7) married Mary Phemister KIRKMAN on 15 January 1888 at St Luke's. George(7) died in June 1906 and is buried in East London Cemetery, England.  His wife was born 8 Aug 1864, at Deptford.  She died 16 Oct 1933 and is also buried at East London Cemetery, England.

George(7) and Mary had the following children:

     May(8) HOPKIRK, born in the 1st quarter of 1890 in West Ham, Essex.

     George(8) Howard HOPKIRK, born 19 September 1891 in West Ham. He married Agnes Mary Bates in the 1st quarter of 1888 in West Ham.  George passed away in September 1973 at Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. (See picture of George(8) below)

     Kenneth (8) Robert HOPKIRK, born 10 June 1893 at Custom House, Victoria Docks, Essex, England.

     Cecilia(8) Margaret (Maggie) HOPKIRK, born in the 4th quarter of 1894 at West Ham, Essex. Cecelia(8) married Henry C. Edwards in the 3rd quarter of 1929 at West Ham, Essex.

     Frank(8) Stuart HOPKIRK, born 15 Mar 1898. He married Mary Perkins in the 2nd quarter of 1927.

From the 1891 census for West Ham, in the St. Luke's Parish, we find George H. Hopkirk, age 26, born in Cape Town, South Africa. George is an "Engine Fitter" by trade. His wife Mary P. Hopkirk, age 26, born in London, Deptford. There is a daughter, May, age 1, born in London, Deptford, and Mary's sister Marion P. Korkham, single, age 24, born Essex, Custom House.

From the 1901 census in England we find Geo Howard Hopkirk, age 36, married, and an "engine fitter" born in Cape Town, South Africa, onboard the steamship Jumna.

The rest of the family is in St. Luke's Parish, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex: Mary P. Hopkirk, age 36, born Deptford, Kent, England; May Hopkirk age 11, born Custom House, Essex, England; George H. Hopkirk age 9, born Custom House, Essex, England; Kenneth R. Hopkirk age 7, born Custom House, Essex, England; Cecelia M. Hopkirk age 6, born Custom House, Essex, England; Frank S. Hopkirk age 3, born Custom House, Essex, England; Robert R. Kirkham age 74, born Deptford, Kent, England, occupation Joiner, Father-in-Law and Cecil J. Smith age 1, born Custom House, Essex, England, a visitor.

Family lore says by 1906 George, senior, was a Shipyard Foreman at one of the shipyards on the Thames in London, possibly Russel's yard. Apparently there was a ship being chocked up in dry dock and during the securing process a rudder broke loose and swung to one side, crushing George against the side of the dry dock, killing him.. This was in June of 1906, leaving George's wife Mary on her own, with 5 children to raise, aged 16 to 6. Mary did washing, ironing and mending and her eldest daughter, May, was able to help out and George, junior, was starting to earn a salary after his apprenticeship.  Mary was able to put Kenneth R., Frank S. and Cecilia (Maggie) through Grammer Schools and into further education. The younger boys attending Cambridge and Maggie attended a teacher training college.

From the 1911 census we find the family living at 30 Eclipse Road, Victoria Docks, Essex, England. Mary Pheister Hopkirk, age 46, head of household, a widow, years of marriage 23, total children born alive 5 and total still living is 5, and she was born at Deptford, Kent. All 5 of her children are in the household, and were all born at  Custom House, Victoria Docks, Essex. May, age 21, Drapers Assistance, George Howard Hopkirk, age 19, Engineer's Apprentice, Electrical Engineer, Kenneth Robert Hopkirk, age 17, a student, Cecelia Margaret Hopkirk, age 16, a student, Frank Stuart Hopkirk, age 13, in school. Also in the residence is Robert Kirkham, father, age 84, a widower. He was a pensioner, carpenter and joiner, born at Deptford, Kent.

Mary P. Hopkirk passed away in December 1933 in West Ham, Essex, England, at age 69.


George(8) Howard HOPKIRK, circa 1948

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