Jeannie Doris Barron Hopkirk & John Benjamin SEARLE

Jeannie was born 20 September 1896 to Robert Home HOPKIRK & Jane Kidston BARRON

 From Jeannie's parents marriage record we learn her mother Jane Kidston Barron's parents were Alexander BROWN or BARRON, Surveyor and Janet BARRON, born MILLAR.  John Benjamin SEARLE was born 10 November 1898, son of George and Jane SEARLE.

  Jeannie married John Benjamin SEARLE on 8 February 1922. Here are a couple photos from their wedding day:

Jeannie DorisBarronHopkirkWeddingDay1922JeannieWeddingDayFamily

Jeannie Doris Barron Hopkirk on 8 February 1922 Wedding Day        John Benjamin SEARLE and Jeannie HOPKIRK in the middle of the photo. Probably on theleft

side of the photo is John's parents, George and Jane SEARLE. On the right side is probably  Jeannie's parents Robert Home HOPKIRK and  Jane Kidston BARRON.

The little flower girls on either side are unknown.

Jeannie Doris Barron HOPKIRK and  John Benjamin SEARLE had 3 children:

      An unnamed daughter born 30 August 1925

     Robert (Bob) John Porter SEARLE, born 9 February 1927

     Barry Hopkirk SEARLE, born 5 December 1930 and passed away 12 January 2020.

Jeannie and John SEARLE lived in an old house on the Waimanawa farm in Ashurst until they died.

 Jeannie Doris Barron HOPKIRK passed away on 14 April 1959 at Palmerston North, NZ, and John Benjamin SEARLE passed away on 13 Aug 1960. Jeannie and John are buried at Ashurst Cemetery, as are there son Robert with his wife Betty.

Below is a photo Jeannie and John's sons, with their wives Jeanette and Betty. Barry is on the left, then his wife Jeannette, then Robert and Betty.

SEARLE Brothers Barry and Robert with their wives Jeannette and Betty


John and Jeannie SEARLE and grandson John                                                                     Jeannie Hopkirk SEARLE & grandson John

Our thanks goes to Jessica SEARLE for supplying these wonderful photos.

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