Mary(7) Ellen HOPKIRK was the daughter of Walter(6) HOPKIRK and Mary Ellen MOFFATT.

Mary(7) Ellen HOPKIRK was born on 1 Apr 1858 in a log house near Windsor, Missouri.  On 15 Jul 1875, in Henry County, Missouri, she married James Fowler FEASTER.  James FEASTER was born 28 Sep 1849 in Cole County, Missouri. James died 2 Sep 1928 in Columbia, Missouri.  Mary Ellen died 27 July 1936 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Click here to see a picture of Mary Ellen Hopkirk Feaster.

Mary Ellen and James had the following children:

Curtis(8) Eurastus FEASTER, born 30 March 1877.

Ross(8) Elmer FEASTER, born 1 Oct 1880.

Edward(8) Bryan FEASTER, born 20 Dec. 1884

James(8) Francis FEASTER, born 1 Nov 1888.

Cecil(8) Walter FEASTER, born 23 Jan 1891.

Lynn(8) Vincent FEASTER, born 12, Nov 1894

Florence(8) D. FEASTER, born 6 Feb 1896 in Windsor, Missouri. and died 27 November 1982
        in Birmingham, Alabama.  Florence never married.

Nellie(8) May FEASTER, born 24 May 1902

baby(8) FEASTER

baby(8) FEASTER

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