David HOPKIRK & Harriet WILSIE & Ella MYERS

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David(7) HOPKIRK was the eldest son of Walter(6) HOPKIRK and Mary Ellen MOFFATT

David was born in Iowa or Missouri on January 27, 1852. Being the eldest son, he should have been named William after his father's father. But since Walter's brother David had receently died at sea, there was a break in the naming pattern and the eldest son was named David.

From the 1885 Colorado State Census we find in Saguache, Colorado, Harriet Hopkirk, age 36, born in Pennsylvania as were both her parents. Also in the household are the following children: Jabez age 16, Ambrose age 13, Alice age 9, Bessie age 7, Bertie age 3. All the children born in Wisconsin, except son Bertie, born in Colorado. Her new husband David is not living in the household.

Even though the 1900 census lists Bert Hopkirk, age 18 , I think he is really a Murray. I think David Hiopkirk and Hattie Wilsie Murray married after 1882. In the 1910 census, Bert is using the last name of Murray, while younger brother David is still a Hopkirk.

In the early 1880's, possibly in Colorado, David HOPKIRK married Harriet (Hattie) WILSIE of Wisconsin. Per their daughter Carrie's 1920 census record, Harriet was listed as being born in Pennsylvania. David and Harriet had two known children:

     David Finla HOPKIRK was born Janaury 12, 1887 in Montana or Colorado.

     Carrie E. HOPKIRK was born in October of 1888, possibly in Colorado.

From the 1892 Salt lake City Directory we find David Hopkirk, miner, living at 516 N. Fourth West.

From 1893 Salt lake City Directory we find David Hopkirk, miner, across the street at 519 N. Fourth West

From 1894 Salt Lake City Dirfectory we find David Hopkirk, miner, residing at 442 S. 8th West.

From the 1900 census we find this family living at 123 east Columbia, West Telluride, San Miguel County, Colorado. Hattie 51, born in August of 1848 in Pennsylvania. is divorced, head of the household, had 9 children, 7 of whom are still living. Also in the residence are Jabez MURRAY, 30, born Nov 1869 in Wisconsin, a lodger and widowed, Ambrose MURRAY, 28, lodger, born Oct 1871 in Wisconsin, married in 1896, Alice COOPER, 24, daughter, born in June 1875 in Wisconsin, married in 1893 and no children, Bessie BLAKESLEE, 22, daughter, born October 1877 in Wisconsin, married in 1898, and no children, Bert HOPKIRK, 17, son, born July 1882 in Colorado, David F. HOPKIRK, 13, born in January 1887 in Colorado and Carrie E HOPKIRK, 11, born October 1888 in Colorado. (Memo: the first two Murray's above listed as lodgers are really Hattie's children, so all 7 of her living children are with her as of the 1900 census.)

Also from the 1900 census we find David HOPKIRK rooming at 101 West Warren Avenue, Cripple Creek, Colorado,  listed as 45, born January 1855 and single, born in Iowa, father born in Scotland and mother born in Kentucky, a gold miner. (Memo: correct birth month and correct parents birth locations, but birth year off by 3 years.)

In the 1902 Cripple Creek, Colorado, City Directory we find David HOPKIRK, clerk at the Klondyke, residing at 518 Irene.

From the 1903 Directory from Salida, Colorado we find David F Hopkirk and his mother Hattie Hopkirk living at 534 E. Street, Salida, Colorado. About 5 blocks away, at 232 Blake Street, is David F Hopkirk's grandmother, Mary E. HOPKIRK.

On 7 Sept 1904 David HOPKIRK married Ella MYERS, at Cripple Creek, Teller County, Colorado. Ella would have been 28 at this time. So did 17 year David marry Ella Myers, or did 52 year old David marry Ella Myers? Since David F Hopkirk always seemed to use his middle initial, and since the marriage was in Cripple Creek, and David F Hopkirk is in Salida in 1903 and in 1905, it is unlikely this marriage was between the David F Hopkirk and Ella Myers.

Ella died a few months later on 23 Feb 1905 at Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado.  She was buried 24 Feb 1905 at Canon City.  She was 29 years old.  The informant was David HOPKIRK of Cripple Creek, Colorado.

The 1905 Cripple Creek City Directory David Hopkirk, occupation as "ore sorter."

The 1905 Salida Colorado City Directory lists David F Hopkirk, laborer at 308 G Street. His mother Hattie is also listed at the same address. David F. Hopkirk's grandmother Mary E, Hopkirk is still residing at 232 Blake Street in Salida, but she is now listed as a widow of Walter Hopkirk.

The 1908 Salt lake City Directory lists D. F Hopkirk, helper, Utah Copper Co., residence Garfield and his mother Mrs. Hattie Hopkirk at 853 Pierpont Ave., Salt lake City, UT

From the 1910 census we find this family living at 1030 West Second South Street, Salt Lake City, UT. Harriet Hopkirk is 61, head of the house and listed as a Widow, born in Pennsylvania. She is renting. Son David Hopkirk is 23, single, born in Colorado, his parents were born in Iowa and Pennsylvania, and he is a machinist for a Mining Supply Company. Also in the residence is her son Bert Murray, age 28, single, a fireman for the railroad. There are also 3 lodgers in the residence. It is interesting that Bert's last name is now listed as MURRAY, while in the 1900 census he was listed as HOPKIRK.
Also from the 1910 census we find David Hopkirk in Cripple Creek, Teller County, Colorado, age 57, widowed, father born in Scotland and mother born in Kentucky, and living at 372 East Warren Avenue., an Ore Sorter at a Gold Mine. (Memo: this is tha same occupation as listed in the 1905 directory in Cripple Creek, leading us to believe that Ella Myers was his wife and that is why he is listing himself as widowed.)

Also in 1910,  1912 & 1918 we find David FOPKIRK, rancher/fruit grower, in Grand Junction, Colorado. This David Hopkirk is the son of John Hopkirk and Jane Nicholson. The David's are first cousins.

From the 1912 Oakland, California, city directory we find David F. Hopkirk living with his mother Hattie. Hattie is listed as a widow and David works as a "helper" for the Western Pacific Railway. They are rooming at 1220 Campbell in Oakland.

In 1912-13 and 1915-16 the elder David Hopklirk, believed to be dead, he is listed as a miner.

From the 1914 Oakland, California, City Directory we find D F Hopkirk, helper, Western Pacific Railway.

From the 1916 Salt Lake City Directory we find David HOPKIRK a helper, working at the Galigher Machinery Co. boarding at 357 S. 1st West. Also there is Hattie Hopkirk(widow of David)

On August 15th and 31st, 1918, David F Hopkirk received pay checcks from the Southern Pacific Railroad-Coast Division as a machinist.

From the Janaury 26, 1920 Census, we know David Hopkirk was living by himself in Precinct 1 of Matagorda County, Texas. He is listed as 68 years of age, and his birthplace is listed as Iowa. He was actually one day short of being 68 years old. His father is listed as Scottish, with a mother tongue of English. His mother is listed as from Kentucky. David's occupation is listed as Farmer.

Also from the 1920 census we find Hattie Hopkirk, age 71, married and David F Hopkirk, age 33, single, renting, living in San Francisco, California. David is a machinist in the US Naval Ship Yard. David's birthplace is listed as Colorado.

From the 1924 Oakland City Directory we find David F Hopkirk, machinist, living at 846 Filbert. Hattie Hopkirk(widow of David) is at the same residence.

From the 1925 Oakland, California, City Directory we find David F Hopkirk, a laborer, residing at 672 *th and his mother Hattie Hopkirk listed as Widow of David, is also living at 672 8th.  (Memo: given what happened below, she is finally correct in listing herself as a widow.)

David HOPKIRK died on 11 May 1925 at the County Hospital, Teller County, Colorado.age 73 yrs., 3 mo., 14 days. Father: Walter HOPKIRK b. Scotland. Mothers maiden name: MOFFIT, b. Scotland. Buried Cripple Creek, Colorado, 15 May 1925. Informant: County Hospital.

David's daughter Carrie's census record from 1920 lists her father's birthplace is Missouri

From David Finlay HOPKIRK census record from 1920, his father is listed as born in Iowa. Also, David Finaly HOPKIRK, age 33, is living in San Francisco with his mother, the elder David's first wife, Hattie HOPKIRK, age 71 and Hattie is listed as married. So maybe the elder David never got a divorce from Hattie..

There is some conflicting information in the records. David was either born in Iowa(both David's census record) or Missouri(per his daughter's census record). David's mother was either born in Kentucky per his 1920 census record, or in Scotland per his death record. I'm inclined to beleive the information from David's 1920 census records on both issues.

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