Robert Alexander HOPKIRK was the oldest son of Robert Home HOPKIRK and Catherine GREIG.

Robert(7) was born on 20 Jun 1866, in Perth, Scotland. He died in 1948 at Otorohanga, KCY, New Zealand.  He married Susannah
Elizabeth M. BURCH who was born in 1867 in Nelson, New Zealand. Susannah died in 1943 at Wanganui, New Zealand.  (See their picture below)     They had the following children:

     Susanna(8)(Daisy) M. HOPKIRK, born 9 Feb 1892.  She died 10 Jan 1954.

     Robert (8)Erriton Burch HOPKIRK, born 4 Sep 1894. He married Ethel H. MASON.   Robert died
     in 1973. Robert had one son. He has descendants currently living in New Zealand and England. 

     Dorothy(8) Catherine HOPKIRK, born 25 May 1897. She married Pat James Voller GLASS(30 May
     1893-7 Mar 1961).  Dorothy HOPKIRK died 17 Aug 1977)  They have many descendants
living in
     New Zealand.

     Douglas(8) Home HOPKIRK, born 9 Mar 1901. He married Anne(Nancy) D. Featherstone
     (1903-1992)  They have many descendants living in New Zealand.

     Alan Charles Home HOPKIRK, born 5 Jun 1904. He married Gwenda Jean BLACK(21Jun 1911-
     23 Mar 1992)

Our thanks goes to Graeme Glass

of New Zealand for this photo.

It is probably from their wedding

day in 1891.

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