Anne Elizabeth Wright HOPKIRK & James MILLER

Anne(7) E. W. HOPKIRK was the only daughter of Robert(6) Home HOPKIRK and Miss WOOD.

Anne was born on 8 July 1852 at Melrose, Scotland

There does not seem to be any record of marriage

In 1875, at the age of 23, Anne left Scotland and travelled to New Zealand with her father's younger brother Alexander. Alexander's wife had recently passed away, leaving him with 7 motherless children. Undoutedly, Anne travelled to New Zealand with Alexander to help him with the children.

Anne eventually married James MILLER in New Zealand and they had the following children:

     Isabella(8) Agnes MILLER, born 1880

     Margaret or Marion(8) MILLER, born 1881. She married Joseph RENELL and they had 3 children.

    Grace (Gracie)(8) Anne MILLER, born 1883. She married John FALLOON, and they had 8 children.

     Frederick(8) James MILLER, born 1885. He married Belle ?, and they had two children.

     Hugh(8) Alexander MILLER, born 1887. He married Olive ?, and they had 3 children.

     Ronald(8) Angus MILLER, born 1890.

     Janet(8) Laing MILLER, born 1892.

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