Frank HOPKIRK was the eldest son of James(7) Hopkirk and Harriet Emma Toothaker

Frank was the oldest son of James and Harriet HOPKIRK, born in November 8, 1873 in Lockridge(Coalport), Iowa.

Frank graduated from Fairfield High School, in Fairfield, Iowa. In 1892, at the age of about 18, Frank moved to Ruskin, Nebraska to help his Aunt Ella TOOTHAKER and her husband John Rush "J.R." PARSONS run their lumber yard and hardware store. For 37 years he managed the Union Lumber yard until it was closed. From 1943, until his death in 1946, Frank HOPKIRK worked for Grover SCROGGINS lumber yard in Deshler, Nebraska. "Kent" Hopkirk visited Grover Scroggins at his home in Denver in 1961.

On May 20, 1902 Frank HOPKIRK married Iva M. JONES. Iva JONES was the daughter of John Elliott JONES and Laura Jane HIGGINS.
Go here for a photo of Frank Hopkirk & Iva Jones Marriage Certificate. Signing as witnesses were John E. Jones and Ernest Hopkirk. William M. Porter was the Clergyman.
Follow the link to see more about John E. JONES and Laura HIGGINS.

Frank passed away in 6 July 1946 in Ruskin, Nebraska. View his obituary here.

Iva M. Jones was born in 23 January 1878 in Mt. Ayr., Ringgold, Iowa. In 1880 her family came to Nebraska in a covered wagon. Iva was working in the post office when she met her future husband, Frank HOPKIRK.

Around 1950, Iva JONES moved to California to help her recently widowed daughter Harriet raise her 4 young children. Iva JONES passed away 23 September 1969 in Santa Clara, California.

Following are the children of Frank and Iva HOPKIRK, all born in Ruskin, Nebraska:

     Margaret HOPKIRK, born November 8, 190____. Margaret passed away on

     Maurice HOPKIRK, born 25 March 1905 in Ruskin, Nebraska. He died on 19 January 1981, in Frankfort, Kansas. Maurice and his wife Mildren UTTER are buried at Spring Valley Cemetery, Ruskin, Nebraska. Maurice in December 1962

     John (Kent) HOPKIRK, born 30 March 1907. Kent died 19 November 1980.

     Harriet HOPKIRK, born July xx, 1910.

     Frank (Eldon) HOPKIRK, born 18 November 1913. Eldon died 21 July 1980.

Go here to read the Frank Hopkirk family history as recorded on tape by her eldest daughter.

Here are some old pictures from Frank's family

Back row: J. Kent Hopkirk, Maurice Hopkirk, Alice(Jones) Brown, Charlie W. Edwards, Margaret Hopkirk, Edna (Jones) Edwards, Frank Hopkirk, Iva (Jones) Hopkirk
Front row: Kathryn Edwards, Harriet Hopkirk, F.Eldon Hopkirk. The picture is from about 1920.

Back row: Frank Hopkirk, Iva Hopkirk, Maurice Hopkirk, Mildred Hopkirk, Fred Utter, Alice Utter, and Emmett Utter.

Front row: Margeret Kohtz, Fred Kohtz, John(Kent) Hopkirk, Harriet Hopkirk, and Frank(Eldon) Hopkirk.

Go here to see more Frank Hopkirk Family photos thanks the Bill and Laura Fejfar.

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