Elizabeth(7) HOPKIRK was the eldest child of William HOPKIRK and Jane REDPATH. She was born in Rochester, New York, on 10 Jan 1835.  On 15 May 1856 she married Robert STEPHENSON, JR, in Lockridge, Iowa.  Elizabeth HOPKIRK died on 11 Nov 1911 in Fairfield, Iowa and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. You can read Elizabeth's obituary here.

For more information, including a picture of Robert Stephenson, Jr, please see the biography located on page 258 of the HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, IOWA, published in 1912 by the J S Clarke Publishing Company of Chicago.  See the bottom of the page for a picture Robert Stephenson, Elizabeth's husband.

Elizabeth HOPKIRK and Robert STEPHENSON, JR had the following children:

     Robert(8)Bruce STEPHENSON, born 19 Dec 1857 in Lockridge, Iowa

     William(8) Wallace STEPHENSON, born 8 Aug 1859, and died 26 Oct 1862. Buried in Hopkirk Cemetery.

     Mary(8) Ann STEPHENSON, born 8 Aug 1859, and died 12 Apr 1862.  Buried in Hopkirk Cemetery.

     Ida(8) Jane STEPHENSON, born 12 Oct 1861, and died 29 Sep 1862.  Buried in Hopkirk Cemetery.

     Anna(8) Laura STEPHENSON, born 14 May 1864, and died 11 Nov 1865.  Buried in Hopkirk Cemetery.

     James(8) Ralph STEPHENSON, born in 1866/7

     John(8) Walter STEPHENSON, born 29 Aug 1870.

     Flora(8) Belle STEPHENSON, born about 1872.  She married Oscar Boltz and was living in Fairfield, Iowa in

Elizabeth(7) HOPKIRK'S husband.

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