Frederick John HOPKIRK & Edna May STEELE OATES

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Frederick(Fred) John HOPKIRK is believed to be the the third child and only son of John HOPKIRK & Harriet THORLEY.

Frederick J. HOPKIRK was born 16 October 1891 in Rockvale, Colorado. His birth information along with his address of of 1917 comes from his draft registration card. He was living at 508 East Eaton Ave., Cripple Creek, Colorado and he is married with 3 children, of medium height and weight, blue eyes, light colored hair and is not bald. he is listed as a teamster, working for P???ington Armstrong F????.  He is missing the tips of two fingers on his left hand. This address in Cripple creek is located about one block from the beginning of the scenic railraod line that used to go to some of the mines in the region. There is no structure now at what would be 508 East Eaton Ave., if you use GoogleEarth.

At age 24, Fred married Edna May STEELE, on December 10, 1914 in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Edna May STEELE was born October 1, 1888 in Wise, Virginia, the daughter of Charles E. STEELE of Virginia & Aluce GARDNER of Tennessee. Edna May was the the widow of Joseph Frederick OATES, a miner in Cripple Creek. Joseph Frederick OATES contracted pneumonia and died in 1913. Edna may and Joseph OATES had two young sons, Joseph Frederick(Fred), Jr., and Alfred Lloyd.

It is not known if Frederick John HOPKIRK adopted the boys formally, but during their early grade school days, records show that Alfred was registered as "Alfred Hopkirk," and Fred was registered as "Freddie Hopkirk." As adults, both boys went by OATES. (See below for more info about Joseph(Fred) & Alfred Lloyd OATES.)

The following children were born to Frederick J. HOPKIRK and Edna May STEELE OATES:

     Winifred (Winnie) HOPKIRK, born July 22, 1916 in Cripple Creek, Colorado.      
          Winifred first married Will Alden Rogers and later married Harvey Howard HANSEN.
          Winifred passed away in April 1977 in Farmington, New Mexico.   
          Here are links to a letter #1, #2, #3 written by Winnie in Febraury 1945 to her husband Will ROGERS in the service during World War II.    Will was born 25 July 1918 and passed away 18 October 1980. 

        Camp Jumbo. Babbitt, (near Hawthorne), Nevbada. The Nevada divorce degree stated they had no children together.

     Elizabeth Mae (Betty Mae) HOPKIRK, born October 26, 1924, in Denver, Colorado.
          Betty Mae married 3 times, first to Marvin F. HILL, then Mr. McNute and finally to Wilson Vernon WOOD
          Betty Mae had two sons by her first marriage. (Craig Hill and Gary Allen Hill. Go here for Gary's obit)
          Betty Mae's last husband was named "Skeet" Wood.
          Betty Mae passed away on January 31, 1997 in Farmington, New Mexico.

Sometime around 1918 the family moved to Denver, Colorado. Since the last major gold strike in Cripple Creek was in 1914, the move was probably because of economics. According to the 1920 census, Fred was a coal wagon driver in Denver.

Fred's wife, Edna HOPKIRK, eventually became a founding member of the Jefferson County, Colorado, Parents Teachers Association, remaining a member until her retirement.

Edna HOPKIRK passed away on November 21, 1967 in Lakewood County, Colorado. She is burried in an unmarked grave at Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Fred HOPKIRK passed away on November 29, 1943 in Denver, Colorado. He is buried in an unmarked grave at Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Edna's obituary notes that Fred passed away before she did, but no dates or ages are given. The 1920 census lists Edna's birth place as Virginia, along with her father. Her mother is listed as born in Tennessee.

Winifred and Betty Mae are buried beside each other at Greenlawn Cemetery in Farmington, New Mexico.

From the 1920 census(taken 8 February 1920)  we find  this family living in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and they are renters. Fred is 29, born in Colorado, his father was born in England and his mother in Illinois. Edna was 31,  born in Virginia, her father born in Virginai and her mother born in Tennessee. They have 3 children, all born in Colorado. Fred age 12, Alfred age 10 and Winifred age 3 10/12.

From the 1930 census we find the family living in Bancroft, Jeferson County, Coorado and they own the residence. Fred is now 39, a Mercntile Clerk ad his father is now listed as born in Scotland. Also in the household are Edna M. Hopkirk age 41, Winifred J. Hopkirk age 13, Bettie Mae Hopkirk age 5, Alfred L. Oates age 20, Lena Mae Oates age 21, and Alfred Oates age 8 months. (Alfred L. Oates father is listed as born in England.

From the 1940 census we find the family still living in Bancroft, Jeffeson County, Colorado, at 5245 West Ohio Avenue. In 1969 the area was incorporated as Lakewood, Colorado. Fred J Hopkirk age 51, highest grade of education 4 years, listed as unable to work.  Edna May Hopkirk age 51, highest grade of education 8 years, and she is a Cook at a WPA Public School.  Winifred is age 23, single, completed one year of high school and listed as unable to work.  Betty Mae is 15, single and in school having completed the first year of high school.

Edna HOPKIRK eventually became a founding member of Jefferson County, Colorado, Parents Teachers Association, remaining a member until her retirement.

Additional Info:

Joseph Frederick OATES, Jr. married Helen Van Dusen on September 8, 1928 in Denver, Colorado. Helen and Joseph had two daughters. Joseph passed away on May 24, 1991 in Pasco, Washington.

Alfred Lloyd OATES married Lena May Bullock on September 29.1929 in Denver, Colorado. They had four children. In 1936 the family moved to South San Francisco, California, where Alfred earned his living as a carpenter. In 1973 Alfred & Lena moved to Santa Cruz, California. On November 8, 1980 Alfred passed away in Santa Cruz. Lena moved back to South San Francisco and passed away there on July 4, 1986.

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