Christina(4) was the second child of Robert(3) HOPKIRK and Mary LAMONT

Christina was born on 12 Sep 1841, in Largs, Ayrshire.  She married John FLECK on 22 Mar 1866 in Largs, Ayrshire.
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Our thanks goes to Tessa Readman for supplying the following information, most of which may have been written by Margaret Hopkirk Fleck Johnstone:

Christina died 21 may 1938, at age 96.  Her husband John was born about 1840 and died 26 Feb 1921 at age 80.

Christina and John believed to have had 8 children, and following are the known children:

     Mary(5) Lamont FLECK, born 18 December 1866.  Mary died 26 Nov 1953 at age 87 at Gogobank, Largs.
          Mary worked most of her life as a dressmaker in Paisley.

     Elizabeth Blair FLECK, born 12 October 1868. Elizabeth married William STEVENSON,
          a manager at Coats Mill, Paisley. They lived at Fairlie and had no children.

          Elizabeth Blair Fleck STEVENSON passed away in 1937.

     John FLECK, born 18 August1870. John trained as a carpenter, preferred farming.
          John operated the Lounsdale Farm near Paisley.
          John emigrated to Canada and lived at Mowbray, Manitou and Balmorel.
          As a carpenter he worked on many of the buildings around the Manitou area.
          John was married and had four children. John FLECK passed away on 9 October 1963.

     Christina(Teenie) Hopkirk FLECK, born 8 October 1872. Christina married William BARR.
          William BARR was a manager at the Coats Mill, Paisley. For most of William BARR'S
          life he managed the Coats Mill in Braislava. Theyretired to live at Cerna, West Kilbride.
          Teenie and William BARR had one daughter, Tina. Teenie passed away on 22 March 1966.

     Robert(5) Hopkirk FLECK, born 12 September 1874. Robert was training as a chemist.
          Robert passed away on 29 June 1899 at age 24,  from kidney disease.

     Annie FLECK, born 10 September 1876. Annie married William RUSSELL, a carpenter.
          They emigrated to Stratford, Ontario. They also spent time in Mowbray, The Pas,
          Winnipeg, Gimli, Lockport and Stony Mountain. They had no children.

          Annie passed away on 3 April 1967.

     Margaret Hopkirk FLECK, born 15 May 1879. Margaret worked at the dressmaking shop
          in Paisley with her older sister Mary. Margaret married William Johnstone, a storekeeper.
         They lived in Mowbray until William's death. Margaret then moved to Winnipeg.
         Margaret and William had two daughters. Margaret passed away on 2 January 1979.

     Agnes FLECK, born October 1882. In her early years she lived with her parents.
          Later she lived with her sister Mary in Largs. After Mary's death and the death
          of her sister Teenie, she moved to Burnside, Glasgow, where Agnes lived with
          her neice,Tina(Teenie's daughter), until her death.

          Agnes passed away on 29 March 1975.

For more information about the Fleck Family, read the "History of John Fleck 1840 to 1921"

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