Margaret Hopkirk was tenth child of William HOPKIRK and Eliza STEWART

Margaret was born 14 Nov 1858, Primrose Palace, Leith. (It is believed her name was listed as "Margret" in May's family bible)

May Hopkirk received the following information from  Stuart Lennox. MacPHAIL, in Minnesota, USA in a letter dated in 1982, and we have updates to this information from Marnie ELMER in April 2000. Marnie's grandmother returned to Scotland in 1909 and visited the cousins in Edinburgh.  Marnie has a picture of William and Elizabeth Stewart HOPKIRK.

The first husband of Margaret HOPKIRK was John SMITH.  They were married 3 June 1881, at 1 Henry Street, Edinburgh. . John SMITH was born about 1852 and was the son of William SMITH, needlemaker/hosier, and Janet THOMSON.  John SMITH was a mason by trade and died 7 August 1894.  Note: John Smith is the brother of Robert Smith, Eliza Hopkirk's husband.

They had the following children:

     William SMITH, was born 18 Nov 1881 in Scotland.  He had a son named Stuart Lennox MACPHAIL.**

     Elizabeth Stuart SMITH was born April 25, 1890.

    Agnes SMITH was born in 1892 and died in 1895.

William and Elizabeth SMITH both changed their last names to that of Margaret's second husband, Archibald MACPHAIL.

Margaret(2) HOPKIRK married Archibald MacPHAIL on 31 December 1895.  Margaret died on 21 April 1935.  They had one known child:

     Anne MacPHAIL   Anne married Orval U. HABBERSTAD on 2 June 1925. Anne died on 19 August 1992.

The family in Minnesota still has some wonderful pieces of history, such as Archibald MacPhail's milling tools and his bible with a letter still in it from his father written to Archibald after he had left Scotland. They also have letters from Margaret Hopkirk to her children, her apron, recipe book and her golden thimble. 

** William SMITH MACPHAIL started a famous school of music in Minneapolis which later became associated with the University of Minnesota, known as the MACPHAIL SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

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