Eliza HOPKIRK & Robert SMITH

Eliza HOPKIRK was the daughter of William HOPKIRK & Eliza STEWART.

Eliza HOPKIRK was born 4 January 1851.

On 20 March 1891 Eliza HOPKIRK married Robert SMITH, at 93 St.Leonard's St., Edinburgh.
Note: Robert SMITH is the brother of John SMITH, Margaret HOPKIRK's husband.

Robert Smith was born about 1843, the son of William SMITH, needlemaker/hosier, and Janet THOMSON.
Robert SMITH was a mason by trade, like his brother John.

Eliza HOPKIRK passed away on 23 November 1918 at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

Eliza and Robert had a daughter named Elizabeth SMITH, and they lived at 4B Downfield Place, Edinburgh.

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