Janet HOPKIRK and James MORE

Janet HOPKIRK was born 30 March 1842 in Liberton, the daughter of William HOPKIRK and Eliza STEWART

Janet married James MORE on 3 December 1868 in Edinburgh. Witnesses were James HOPKIRK and Helen HOPKIRK. (Does this mean that Janet's grandparents were still living at her marriage? James Hopkirk would have been 96 and Helen HISLOP HOPKIRK would have been 93. It is more likely the witnesses were her Uncle James HOPKIRK, born in 1845 and her Aunt Helen HOPKIRK born in 1843.) James MORE was a domestic coachman, the son of William MORE, a land steward, and Margaret CAMPBELL. Margaret was christened 17 July 1842 at Glencorse, Midlothian.

Jamet and James had the following known children:

     William MORE, born 19 October 1869, Montieth (In 1871 & 1881 census)

     James MORE, born 30 November 1872, Kilmadock (In 1881 & 1891 census)

     Eliza Stewart MORE, born November 1874, Dundee, Scotland (not in 1881 or 1891 census, but in 1901 census) Or is the Eliza More in the 1901 census the wife of James MORE?)

     John MORE, born 24 November 1877, Newport (In 1881 & 1891 census)

     Mary Campbell MORE, born  5pm, 26 May 1880, Tayfield Cottages, Newport. (a twin who passed away before the 1881 census?) (Copy of birth record here)

     Mary Wallace MORE, born 5:05pm 26 May 1880, Tayfield Cottages, Newport (a twin?) (In 1881 census only) (Copy of birth record here)

     Helen Hopkirk MORE, born 6 October 1881, Tayfield Cottages, Newport, Fifeshire (In 1892 and 1901 census)

     David MORE, born 23 April 1884, Tayfield Cottages, Newport, Fifeshire (In 1891 and 1901 census)

     Janet Hopkirk MORE, born 2 May 1889, Newton, Roxburghshire, Scotland (In 1891 and 1901 censis)

1871 Census: James MORE age 30, domestic coachman, Janet age 28, William age 1, all living at  9 Canelle Stables.

1881 Census: James MORE age 39, domestic coachman, Janet age 38, William age 12, John age 3, Mary W age 10 months, Alexander Robertson age 30, gardener, boarder, were all at Tayfield Cottages, Forgan, Fife.

1891 Census, James MORE age 49, coachman-domestic servant, Janet age 48, John age 14, Helen age 9, David age 7, Janet age 1, all at 29 Broughan Street, Edinburgh

1901 census: James More 58, coachman, Janet 58, James 28, Eliza age 26, Nellie ahe 19, Janet age 11, were all at 60 Rosemount Buildings, Edinburgh, St David.

Our thanks goes to David Teague for supplying most of the information on this page.
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