Robert HOPKIRK & Jessie MOIR

(Our thanks goes to Derek Bowler for most of the information on this page)

Robert HOPKIRK was the youngest child of John HOPKIRK & Margaret GOOD.
Robert was born 27 Jan 1855 in Edinkillie, Morayshire, Scotland.
Robert married Jessie MOIR on 13 May 1887. Jessie MOIR was born about 1859 in Edinlillie.

     Robert and Jessie had one known child, John Robert HOPKIRK, born 24 September 1888.

By 1902 Jessie had passed away and Robert remarried to Elizabeth ELMSLIE on 17 March 1902.
Elizabeth was born about 1872, and she passed away 14 July 1953.

     Robert and Elizabeth HOPKIRK had one known child, Margaret Mutch HOPKIRK, born 23 January 1903

Margaret Mutch HOPKIRK married William MELVILLE on 14 July 1938
Margaret pased away on 26 June 1990.     

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