John Glassford Hopkirk & Jessie Hamilton

John Glassford HOPKIRK was the son of   James HOPKIRK & Christian GLASSFORD

John HOPKIRK was born about 1789, probably in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

Jessie Hamilton was born about 1796.

On 9 September 1815 John HOPKIRK married Jessie HAMILTON at St. Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland.

On 12 September 1815 there was another marriage ceremony at Larbert, Stirling, Scotland.

Probably the first ceremony was for the brides family and the second ceremony was for the husbands family.

John and Jessie had the following known children:

     James HOPKIRK, christened 26 October 1816 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. From gravestone "his eldest son, died 27th April 1835." 

     John William Hamilton HOPKIRK was christened 14 February 1818 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. From the gravestone "his second son died 7th April 1841."

     Henry Glassford HOPKIRK was christened 17 May 1819 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. From gravestone his third son died 12th November 1842."

     Isabella Jesse HOPKIRKwas christened 15 Sep 1820 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland. from gravestone "eldest daughter of the above John Glassford Hopkirk. Died 6th March 1893, aged 73 years.

     Christian Glassford HOPKIRK, born about March 1822. From gravestone "his second daughter on 5 May 1823 at 14 months"

     Elizabeth Margaret HOPKIRK, born about September 1823. From gravestone "his third daughter died 10th March 1825 aged 18 months.

Jessie Hamilton HOPKIRK passed away on 7 August 1824 and was buried at the Kirk of Greyfriars in Edinburgh. From gravestone "Mrs. JESSIE HAMILTON his beloved wife died 7th August 1824 Aged 28."

John Glassford HOPKIRK passed away 2nd August 1859, aged 70.

The family history of the Candian Hopkirks says that John Hopkirk and Jessie Hamilton had the following children:

     Isabella, James, a son who possibly went by the name Hamilton, and a Henry.
     Henry is believed to have died in 1842 of small pox in Kingston, Canada.

View John Glassford Hopkirk gravestone which confirms much of the information previously listed above.

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