The cemetery was established around 1846 on the property of William Hopkirk, born May 9, 1811, the son of William Hopkirk and Isabella Home of Melrose, Scotland.
This was undoubtedly the location of the first church, a wooden structure, in Coalport, Lockridge Township. The last burial there was in the 1890's and there is nothing remaining of the old church.
Sadly, the Trustees responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery refuse to do anything about cleaning it up. They are:
Brian Taglauer 2942 Salina Rd Fairfield IA 52556    ph: 1-3l9-696-3686
Brian Hollander 2983 180th St Lockridge IA 52635   ph: 1-3l9-696-2312
Dan Graber 2905 Wintergreen Blvd Lockridge IA 52635   ph: 1-319-696-3686
Phil Countryman 2123 Spruce Ave Fairfield, IA        ph: 1-641-472-9041

To view the various people buried in the Hopkirk Cemetery, go here.
The people on the list named Bankhead, Brown, Hopkirk, Nicholson, Stamm and Stephenson  were definately related by blood or marriage.  Others on the list may also be related, and would probably have been part of the church community.
In the three pictures below you can see the following:
Top photo: some of the barb-wire fencing surrounding the cemetery
Middle photo: some of the stones visible in the mess of vegetation
Bottom photo: some stones are no longer readable and most are surrounded by thorny vines and very difficult to access and view.
These photos were supplied by the Kelly family. They recently purchased a parcel adjoining the Cemetery. Their son may be willing to clean up the cemetery.

At this page is a photo of the cemetery in 1991

Here is a roadside photo near Hopkirk Cemetery. When I visited 20 years ago, I had to climb over 3 fences. It looks like the access is a little easier now, but not much!!! See the 3 bulls. :-) Our thanks goes to Richard Thompson for taking this photo. Here is what he had to say: "Signage for the entrances (through three gates) to Hopkirk Cemetery (a/k/a Hopkirk/Coalport Cemetery) in Jefferson County, Iowa. Due to the three bulls on the other side of the gate, this contributor opted not to tempt fate and attempt access to the cemetery to take photos. Long legs are no match for three bulls. Photo (from the safe side of this first gate) by Richard K Thompson, April 3, 2011."

What we hope to do: raise enough money to clear the existing vegetation and be able to photograph the remaining stones. A few of the stones have been previously photographed.
If you would be willing to donate to this project, please email John Hopkirk at:  hopkirk@hopkirk.org
We are looking for donations of at least $25. Sponsors of $100 or more will be at the Gold level. Sponsors at $50 will be Silver level. Unfortunately, I don't think these donations would be tax deductible. If you donate, you will be thanked and listed on this page as a sponsor of the Hopkirk Cemetery, as follows:
Hopkirk Cemetery Sponsors:
Jack E. Easton, Folsom, California
Marilyn Peterson, Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Regular Sponsors:
Leslie & Diana Habkirk, Henderson, Nevada
John K. Hopkirk, San Carlos, California
Shelly Kalliam, Kihei, Hawaii
Carol Bolton, Placerville, California
Bill and Laura Fejfar, Yankton, South Dakota
Don & Nancy Hopkirk, Fallon, Nevada
Diane Kalliam, San Francisco, California
Deborah Abbott, Guilford, Connecticut
Marilyn McGuire, Fairfield, Iowa
Thank you all for your support.

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