Americas Cup Village

Across the water from the Americas Cup Village, you can see the location of the Prada team headquarters.

We roamed around the Village for awhile, saw the massive big screen TV setup with bleachers to view the races.  They also had TV monitors scattered throughout the Village for viewing the races. We finally decided to find a bar were we could relax and watch the end of the current race, with the Kiwis leading 4-0 in the best of 9 championship series.

While in the bar, the Kiwis won the race and the Cup...the champagne corks started popping all over the place. I was thinking...too bad that the Americans can't pool their resources.  It would be a lot of fun to have the Americas Cup Series races in San Francisco Bay.  Finally it gets to be about 4:00pm and Anne says we better get going. I say "why, we are only about 500 yards from the ship?"  Anne says, "Look around, it's so crowded we won't be able to get down the stairway, it is so packed with people trying to get a view of Black Magic."  They had brought out the Americas Cup and it was right below us

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