Daniel MURPHY was the son of Jeremiah and Mary Murphy.

From Daniel's birth record we know he was born on 28 October 1858 in Portland, Maine.

From the 1880 census we now that Daniel was born around 1858, in Maine.

From the 1900 census record, take on 3 June 1900, we find Daniel, age 41, living at 107 Franklin Street, Brooklyn Borough, New York City, Kings County, New York. He is listed as born in october 1858 in Maine and his parents were born in Ireland. He is a Harness Maker.

Daniel is married to Elizabeth, age 35, born in January 1865 along with her two children by a prior marriage. Elizabeth and her parents were all born in Germany. Her children are Charles Farlopper, born October 1887,  age 12 and Adolph F Farlopper, born June 1889, age 10.  Both children were born in New York, their parents were both born in Germany.

From the 1910 census we find Daniel living at 12 Arion Place, unit 2, in Kings County, Brooklyn Ward 27, New York. He is 51 and now widowed. Also living in the home is Minnie Strohm, age 30, born in New York and her parents were born in Germany. She is married and has been married for 13 years. She had 5 children, only one living. She is a housekeeper.

Daniel was a harnessmakeer by trade, just as his father before him. Daniel and his brother, Jeremiah, worked together.  Daniel made the harnesses and his brother Jeremiah was a harness salesman.. Click here to see a picture of "Uncle Danny" 

From the 1920 census, taken January 20, 1920, we find a Daniel MURPHY, age 61, living at 2385 Silver Street, Ridgewood xxx, Queens, New York. Daniel is listed as the head of household, with no occupation listed. Others living in the household were Minnie Strohm, housekeeper, age 40, and John Kehlbeck, boarder, age 34, a foreman at a soap factory.  This probably "our Daniel."

From the 1930 census, taken in April 1930, we find Daniel, age 71, widowed, age at first marriage was 38, no occupation. Minnie Strohm is still in the residence, age 50,  no occupation, but she is now listed as "sister" to Daniel. Also in the residence is John P. Kehlbeck, boarder, age 43. and a foreman for a casket company. They are living at 60-33 68th Road, also known as Silver Street, Ridgewood Township, Queens, New York.

From the 1940 census Daniel is 80, Minnie is 60 and is now listed as his wife. They are living at 60-33, 68th Road, Queens, New York.  Daniel's highest grade completed was 5th grade. He opwns the home and it is valued at $3,000. It is the same as his residence in 1935.

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