March 2005 trip to St. Louis, New Orleans, and Cruise

Pictures from Bob and Caroline Kennedy's St. Paddy's Day Party, Friday, march 11th, 2005

     Sharon Z, John H, Anne M., and Art Z.

     Anne and one of the "wee people"  

    John and one of the "wee people"

     John singing irish songs

     John between songs

Go Here to see pictures from the March 12th St. Louis St. Paddy's Day Parade

The Shining Arch as seen from our hotel room

New CelticCross Dedicated March 13th, 2005 at St.John Church, St. Louis

Donors of the Celtic cross, including Dr.Robert W.Murray & Family

Budwiser Clydesdales-Outside Brewery

Budwiser Clydesdales in their Barn


Budwiser Brew Kettle

Art Z., Anne M., & John H. at Anheuser-Busch VIP Tasting Room (Thanks for getting us on the VIP Tour Art!)

Cathedral in St.Louis

Plaque commemorating Pope John Paul II's visit to.Cathedral in.St.Louis

Grotto at.Black Madonna Shrine, Missouri

Anne standing at.Grotto of Black Madonna Shrine

St.Louis Cathedral in French Quarter,.NewOrleans

Rob & Elaine at dinner, Irene's, French Quarter (Our friends from Florida...thanks for joining us!!!)

St. Joseph Altar at Irene's Restaurant in French Quarter (This was the altar next to our dinner table!!.There was food piled all over this altar. Sorry for the quality of the picture)

Old Mortuary Chapel, New Orleans

Old Mortuary Chapel, New Orleans

Old Mortuary Chapel

Pictures from the Cruise

Pictures from the Easter Parade, March 27, 2005

Pictures from Chris Owens' Easter Parade

Pictures from the gay Easter Parade

Mississippi River and riverboat

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