Pictures from the Irish Festival Cruise January 23-30, 2005

Anne ordered "nothing" for dessert...this is what the waiter brought

Phil Cunnibgham and Joanie Madden (an impromptu session)

Tom Sweeney, Joanie Madden, and Phil Cunningham

The Entertainers  Front row, right to left, Paul Baker(Brigit's Cross), Tom Sweeney, Phil Cunningham, Shay Black, John Gleeson, Tommy Makem, Richie(Brigit's Cross), Ciaran Sheehan, Frank McCourt. Back Row from Right to left, Peggy Baker(Brigit's Cross), Frances Black, Mary Black........

The Entertainers Martin Black joined the back row on the right.

The Entertainers

The Entertainers

The Entertainers Front row=Frank McCourt, Michael Black, Ciaran Sheehan, Richie, Tommy Makem, John Gleeson, Shay Black, Phil Cunningham, Tom Sweeney, Paul Baker.  Back row=  ????, Joanie Madden, Eily O'Grady Patterson, Mary Coogan, Eilleen Golden, Mary Black, Frances Black, Peggy Baker, Martin Black.

Kelly and Dennis our dinner tablemates

Leslie and Anne dinner tablemates

Peg and Jim more dinner tablemates

Anne and Leslie

The Chefs

Our Waiter

Our other waiter

Rita Emmett and Anne Murphy wafting in their identical pants

John & Meg Gleeson, Anne Murphy and John Hopkirk

What are they doing? Tom Sweeney, Mike McGuire, and John Hopkirk

The judging of an impromptu song...

Tom Sweeney, Mike McGuire and John Hopkirk

Donna Long, Anne Murphy, and Mirella Murray Donna plays piano and Mirella the accordion for Cherish the Ladies

Anne Murphy, Joanie Madden and Sharon Zielinski Joanie is the leader of Cherish the Ladies

Anne, Joanie, and John

Susan, Sharon, and Anne

Paddy Reilly, Anne, and John

Paddy and Sharon

Tom Sweeney, John Gleeson, and Joanie Madden

George and Jane Melville

It's been a long day......Joanie, Paddy, Anne, and Sharon

Mary Rowley, Tom Sweeney, Joanie Madden, Paddy, Anne, and Sharon's wine glass

Entering Bermuda

Entering Bermuda

Looking back out to sea, from Bermuda

Senor Frog's in Bermuda....what the hell is happening here?

Cherish The Ladies playing for step dancers

Bob and Carolyn Kennedy

Mike, Paul, Jennie, and Linda

Brigid's Cross

Grand Finale

Grande Finale

Grande Finale, with Frances Black singing

Grand Finale

Step Dancers at Grand Finale, including Richie from Brigid's Cross

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