2009 Ireland Travels

We left San Francisco aboard an Aer Lingus non-stop flight to Dublin at about 3pm on 14 October 2009 and we arrived the next morning. There at the airport to greet us were our firends Mike and Linda from Omaha, Nebraska. They had arrived about 45 minutes earlier.

We viewed the Malahide Castle and then headed for Citywest Hotel in Saggart west of Dublin.

On Saturday the 17th we attended Paddy Reilly's surprise 70th birthday party. The invitation said 7:00pm so, of course, being Americans we arrived at 7:00pm. Foolish us, this being Ireland, we were the first ones there. Irish time even applies for surprise parties!!!

It was a delightful time. Here is Paddy arriving to applause by all. Himself.
Paddy and his cake Jean(Paddy's sister), Paddy, and his children Ashling and Ciaran.
Paddy preparing to cut his cake
Frances Black stopped by our table for a little chat with Anne and Linda.

Sunday the 18th we had a nice meal with friends at the An Poitin Stil in Rathcoole. Left to Right...Anne, Mary, Mike, Linda, Lynda, Connie Ann, and Joe.
What is Mike doing back there???

After downing many a Guinness for 4 nights at the Citywest Hotel, we hit the road for old Donegal around noon. In the early afternoon we arrived in Cavan Town, but there was no sign of the "Cavan Girl". We had a nice lunch in town and then travelled the 12 long miles around the lake to get to Kilashandra...and there was a signpost that said "Cavan 12" when we got there!!!. 

Here is a youtube link to Derek McCormick singing "Cavan Girl" Derek sadly passed away on the 2004 "Irish Festival Tours" Irish Music Cruiise of the Carribean

On Monday night we arrived in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland and spent the night. The next day we travelled to see the stronghold of the Maguire/McGuire clan(Mike's family)....the castle is in the center of town. Just outside of Enniskillen is the Hume Castle(Tully Castle) A fortified house and bawn built in 1613 by Sir John Hume. The Maguires didn't like their land being taken away by the English and given to the Scots.......and in 1641 the Maguires came back and burned it. There is a formal garden. (John is related to the Hume's through his great great great grandmother.)  

Tuesday we left Northern Ireland and were off for Donegal and spent the night in Letterkenny and then visited Grianan Ailligh, the strong hold of the O'Neill's got about 5,000 years. Here are John, Mike and Linda at the entrance  Some info about Grianan Ailligh

Since we had all been to Bushmill's and the Giant's Causeway before, we skipped those and stopped at Downhill instead. A manor house started in about 1774. Mike at Dovecote and Ice House, View from Downhill, Downhill house ruins.

Then onto Coleraine and the Frances Black concert on Wednesday night. First we had dinner in Portrush....Mike & Linda......John & Anne   Then on to the concert at the Riverside Theatre. Anne did a naughty.....took picture of Frances in concert

Here is a youtube link to Frances singing Wall of Tears  I think Frances does the best version of  Dougie MacLean's "This Love Will Carry" The cost of her CD is worth it just to hear "This Love Will Carry".

Then Thursday we left Northern Ireland again and headed for "Boomer's", Clondalkin, Dublin, to see the Wolftones that night. Mike and I tried to drink the place dry, but we did not succeed. Fabulous concert.  Some photos from the concert......view the screen behind the "Tones"

Wolftones   Padraic Pearce     1848 Rising    New York Cop(Song being sung is Streets of New York)    1981 Hunger Strikers(Song being sung is "Joe McDonnell")

After we sobered up on Friday morning, we headed down to the Wicklow mountains and the Powerscourt Waterfall. The four of us at the falls. Here are a few more views of the falls, the highest waterfall in Ireland

Then we headed over the road to Sally Gap...very scenic

Then we were off to Glendalough, the location of an ancient cathedral and a large "round tower" Close view of round tower and Mike and John at elevated entrance. Here is the cemetery with celtic crosses. Mike at entrance to cathedral ruins Anne and Round Tower in the distance   Labyrinth at Glendalough

1700 Bridge at Derrybawn. River in Laragh We were there during the changing of the leaves, very beautiful.

We spent the night at Roundwood, the highest village in Ireland.

On Saturday we passed through Wicklow and saw a beautiful golf course along the water. We continued north and onto the M50 ring road and eventually pulled off for a pint at Paddy Reilly's local. Paddy was gracious enough to join us before we had to head on to our hotel near the airport in preparation for our trip back to the USA. Mike, Linda and Anne. Anne, Paddy and Linda

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