June 2008 Hiking at El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve on the San Francisco Peninsula

Link to .pdf map of the area.

The first 13 photos are from the Virginia Mill Trail...then the Lawrence Creek Trail and then back to the Virginia Mill Trail, about 6 miles round trip.

01 mushroom along trail

02 mushroom along trail

03 bridge along Virginia Mill Trail at about 1100 foot elevation

04 ferns at bridge

05 ferns

06 ferns

07 leaving bridge, looking back

08 along Virginia Mill Trail

09 along Virginia Mill Trail

10 first bridge crossing Lawrence Creek at about 800 foot elevation

11 view of stream at bridge

12 notice at bridge

13 trail scene

14 bridge over Lawrence Creek on Lawrence Creek trail, about 1000 foot elevation

15 bridge over Lawrence Creek

16 ladybugs on Lawrence Creek Bridge railing

17 ladybugs on railing

18 thousands of ladybugs

19 thousands of ladybugs...

20 Lawrence Creek Bridge, upstream

21 Lawrence Creek Bridge downstream

22 me on Lawrence Creek Bridge

23 Lawrence Creek Bridge downstream

24 Lawrence Creek trail scene

25 trail scene

26 trail scene

27 flower

28 redwood tree overhanging trail along Virginia Mill Trail

29 trail scene

30 crossing Lawrence Creek again on Virginia Mill Trail

31 flower

32 fern

33 flower

34 non-ripe wild blackberry

35 wild strawberry

36 wild strawberry

37 Trailhead at entrance CM10

38 Trailhead sign at CM10

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(Mt. Diablo in the distance, across the south part of San Francisco Bay.)


The following photos were taken in early November 2008. The first photo is an 8 inch long banana slug. The second is some fungus growing along the trail. The third and fourth photos are a sad reminder of the worst airline disaster in San Mateo County history, 55 years ago, in 1953. The Australian airliner "Resolution" was approaching the San Francisco Airport in a heavy fog and missed the gap in the mountains by about 8 miles. They clipped some trees near the top of the mountains, at about the 2,000 foot elevation. All 19 aboard perished. The Resolution Trail goes past some of the wreckage.


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