Benjamin JONES & Ann Bogswell MELSON

Our thanks goes Mary Ann Jones(b. 1855) and her descendants, the Hollibaugh Family, for lovingly preserving the family bible for over 150 years. This treasure, containing so much detailed family history, including the names of Benjamin Jones and Ann B Melson's parents, which had previously been unknown. Our thanks also goes to Rhonda and  her family for gratiously allowing us to share this treasure with the rest of the family. 

Benjamin JONES was born 17 August 1820 in Georgetown, Kent County Delaware to William & Mary Jones

Ann B. MELSON was born 7 April 1814 in Accomack County, Virginia, the daughter of Robinson & Susan Melson

Ann's middle name may be Bogswell, and she may have been born in Drummondtown, Accomack, Virginia
The name "Bogswell" may be a mistake in reading or recording, since I have been unable to find anyone with the last name of BOGSWELL.

Benjamin JONES of Southward, Philadelphia & Ann Bogswell MELSON of Southwark  were married on 14 September 1841 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by T. J. Thompson at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Could this be the source of the "Thomas Thompson" in their son Thomas' name?

Benjamin and Ann had the following known children, per the family bible: (Click here to view transcriptions and images of some pages from the old JONES FAMILY BIBLE)

     William Robinson JONES, born 5 August 1842 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

     Samuel Hoffman JONES, born 21 September 1844 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

     John Elliott JONES, born 18 September 1847 in West Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio

     Thomas Thompson Hoffman JONES, born 13 July 1849 in West Zanesville, Ohio

     Edward Curden Hoffman JONES, born 16 October 1851 in Perry County, Ohio. Per the family bible he died on 3 March 1869, aged 17 years, 4 months and 18 days.

     Mary Ann JONES, born 8 September 1855 in Roseville, Ohioware

     Henrietta Elizabeth JONES, born 2 September 1858 in Mt. Hope Township, McLean County, Illinois

From the 1850 Federal census we find this family living in Clayton, Perry County Ohio. Benjamin is 27, a shoemaker. Ann is 27, William is 8, Samuel is 6, John is 3, and Thomas is 11/12. The parents were fudging on their ages, or did not really know how old they were.

On the census taken on the 21st of July 1860, we find this family at Boynton Township, Tazewll County, Illinois.  Benjamin is 40 a farmer, born in Delaware. Ann is 44, born in Virginia, Samuel is 16, born in Pennsylvania, John E is 14, born in Ohio, "Harris" is 11, born in Ohio, Edward is 9, born in Ohio, Maryan is 5, born ion Ohio and Henrietta is 2, born in Illinois.

Here is the draft record of Benjamin Jones in Boynton, Illinois.

From the bible we know that Benjamin Jones passed away on 7 April 1865 in R. S. Hospital, Wilmington, North Carolina, aged 44 years and 9 months.

Here is Benjamin Jones Death Record which lists his date of death as 7 April 1865, the exact same date and place as the old family bible. We now know that Benjamin was drafted into the USA Army and that he died of "Typhus Fever",  just 2 days before the end of the Civil War, leaving his wife with some young children to raise.  He is listed as dying at G H,  Wilmington, North Carolina. The old family bible says he died in "U.S Hospital, Wilmington, NC". The G H probably stands for "General Hospital".  From 1861 to February 22, 1865, the Confederate Army operated General Hospital #4 in Wilmington. It is likely that the USA Army took over the facility and this is where Benjamin passed away.

Benjamin Jones death and burial information
Service Info.:PVT US Army
Death Date:7 Apr 1865
Interment Date:8 Apr 1865
Cemetery:Wilmington National Cemetery
Cemetery Address:2011 Market Street Wilmington , NC 28403
Buried At:Section 3 Site 780

Here is a photo of Benjamin Jones' gravestone. Our thanks goes to "Buz" of Find-A-Grave for supplying us with this photo. We don't know why it says "IND." below his name on the gravestone. You would think that means Indiana, but Benjamin was a Private in Company E of the 7th Illinois Infantry. It may just have been a mistake made when the stone was created.

From the 1900 census we find Ann Bogswell Melson Jones living withn her daughter Henrietta Elizabeth Jones Jackson in Funke Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

Originally, back in the 1960's, the names of the children of Benjamin Jones and Ann Melson were given to us by Iva M. Jones, John Elliott Jones' daughter. She did not know, or maybe Iva did not remember there had been an Edward also. The order of birth was not known at that time:

John Elliott JONES, born 18 September 1847 in Zanesville, Ohio

William JONES(deceased as of 1914)

Samuel JONES(deceased as of 1914)

Thomas T. JONES (living in Normal, Illinois as of 1914)

Mary A. JONES , born about 1856 (Mrs. Charles Hollibaugh of Waynesville, Illinois as of 1920)

Henrietta "Retty" JONES (Mrs. Retta Jones Jackson of Heyworth, Illinois as of 1914)

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