Below are links to pictures from the area of the original Hobkirk Family homestead in St. Lawrence County, New York.

Hobkirk Family Reunion, 19?? Does anyone know when this photo was taken?

Itemized listing by rows of Hobkirk Family Reunion above.

John Bruce HOBKIRK

John Bruce HOBKIRK

Warrantee Deed for purchase of Hobkirk Farm on March 24, 2004

Warrantee Deed for purchase in December 1840

Warrantee Deed continued

Hobkirk family farm, aerial view-1

Hobkirk family farm, aerial view-2

Hobkirk family barn built in 1916, with Briony and John

Hobkirk family barn built in 1916, with John, Briony and Richard. (3 generations)

In 2014 the family updated the sign on the barn and changed the year to 1833, the year Adam HOBKIRK, born 1795, purchased the property, 181 years earlier!!! The men on the roof updating the old "HOBKIRK 1916" sign in to the new "HOBKIRK 1833" sign are Richard Hobkirk and Dakotah Parmeter. Getting started on "HOBKIRK" "Making progress" "Almost done" "HOBKIRK" "HOBKIRK" "HOBKIRK 1833"

Hobkirk Farm Pasture-1

Hobkirk Farm Pasture-2

Hobkirk Farm Pasture-3

John Bruce HOBKIRK(on left) & Bernard William HOBKIRK(on right)

Elizabeth and Alexander HOBKIRK, John B HOBKIRK(standing) & Robert Bernard HOBKIRK

Bernard William HOBKIRK with unnamed grandchildren

(Left to Right) Carl, Maxwell, J. Stuart, Elizabeth(mother), Alexander(father), Jessie, Walter and Bernard HOBKIRK

23 Is this Elizabeth Robertson Hobkirk as a child with her family?

Maxwell, Alexander(father), Walter(back row left to right) & Bernard, J. Stuart, Carl(front row left to right)

John & Janice, with children (left to right) Richard, Joan & Nancy

Alexnader F. HOBKIRK land, parts of Sections 27 & 37

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