Habkirk, Hobkirk, Hopekirk & Hopkirk Family DNA Summary

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The start of the main branch of our family was probably about 1,000 years ago, comprised of 9 branches of the family that are related by DNA testing.

There are also two branches of the family that are unique, and not closely related to the main branch of the family. The male line of the Hobkirk Family of Cavers has no connection to the main branch of the family, while the Hobkirk Family of Stokesley(Yorkshire) and Newcastle(Durham) is probably related somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago. Since the family name is a "place name" family, associated with the Village now known as Hobkirk(see here for more info about the Village of Hobkirk), both of these families were undoubtedly in the Hobkirk region for at least one generation and before the addition of last names. So when a later generation left the Village, they became William of Hobkirk, and eventually just William Hobkirk. While they may have only been in Hobkirk briefly, the odds are very srong that a male member would have married a local girl. This local girl would have undoubtedly been from the main branch of the family. Although we can not prove a continual direct male connection for these two branches of the family, they are very likely related through a female line.  

Based on DNA samples, the main part of the family split early into two branches about 1,000 years ago, but probably remained in the Hobkirk area until after 1400 AD when last names began to be used..

                                                        Origin male Hoppchirk from about 1,000 years ago
                       I                                                                                                                  I 
                 Branch #1                                                                                                 Branch # 2
    _________ I_________________                                          _________________I____________
     I   (split about 1200 to 1400 AD)  I                                            I       John Hopkirk(1600-?)       I 
     I                                 __________ I________                           I                                                       I    
     I                                 I        I                              I                             I                                                         I
Southdean Hobkirk  
 I    Peebles Hobkirk Peebles Hopkirk   Thomas Hopkirk(1625-?)         Alexander Hopkirk(1627-?)   
                                       I                                                         _____ __I_____                         ______I________              
                                       I                                                        I                            I                         I                              I

                                       I                                 Jedburgh Habkirk/Hobkirk  I             Glasgow Hopkirk      Nairobi Hopkirk 
                                       I                                                                                     I
                                       I                                                                  ________I__________
       _____________ I________                                              I                                         I
      I                                                I                                       Melrose Hopkirk       Largs Hopkirk
Sunderland Hopkirk            Hopekirk

   The following families have not yet been tested:

Ancrum & Hawick Hobkirk (no known eligible candidate for testing)
Ashkirk Hobkirk(One known candidate for testing)
Durham Hobkirk (no known eligible candidate for testing)                           

Florida Hobkirk
Roberton Hobkirk
Westminster Hobkirk (no known eligible candidate for testing)
Whitby Hobkirk (no known eligible candidate for testing)
Wilton Hobkirk
Colorado Hopkirk (no known eligible candidate for testing)

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