Miscellaneous Items
Prices are for Saturday, April 27th. Any items remaining after Saturday will be reduced by 25% as of 9:00am Sunday the 28th. Any items remaining after 3:00pm on Sunday will be reduced an additional 25%.

The following items are believed to Indo-Persian, and purchased by the owner years ago as a package for about $1,500.00
Helmet, Shield, and Chainmail(Inside the paperbag)
All 3 items   Helmet  Shield
SOLDHelnet2    ChainMail     Helmet and Chainmail
Asking $1,200 the first day for the 3 items as a set.
If sold separately, The shield is $800, The Helmet is $400, and the ChainMail is $300.

Replica Helmet another view   $200.00

SOLD   $8.00 each Big Band Record Albums, 2nd view, 3rd View, 4th view
33 1/3 RPM two record sets(4 sides), all in excellent condition

$200.00 Egeria Statue, 2 feet tall. John Henry Foley(1818-1874).  Egeria base  It appears to be made of plaster of paris.

SOLD $600.00 Franz Joseph marble bust. Weighs about 50 pounds!!!  He was the Emperor of Austria(1848-1916) and King of Hungary(1867-1916). His actions in 1914 were partly responsible for the start of World War I. The owner paid $400 for this Marble bust about 40 years ago.

SOLD $360.00 Noritake China, Essex Gold Pattern. Service for 8, includes Gravy Boat with saucer, Suger w/ Lid, Creamer, large Platter, 8 Finger Bowls, 8 Soup Bowls, 8 Dinner Plates, 8 Salad Plates, 8 Bread Plates, and 8 Cups w/Saucers.

There are also 4 or 5 swords and a few old knives.

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