Below are some of the figurines that will be available

 $600        King Arthur, ebay link for $895.

$600. Napoleon, by Guido Cacciapuoti   Photo2, Photo3, Photo4     Being sold on Ebay $1,200.

SOLD $400. Giuseppe Armani "Lady with Peacock" The Original Box is not available.There are people trying to get $150 for one with the Peacock's head broken off on Ebay.
Photos: 01,   02,   02a,   03   03a

SOLD  $500. Giuseppe Armani "Garden Delight"Garden Delight Base    On Ebay, asking $595 & $600, plus shipping for Armani Garden Delight.

$300.          Gypsy Queen  Gypsy Queen Base

$600. "A Lawyer More Than Adequately Attired in Fine Print"  by James Christensen. Limited Edition #142 of 950 produced. The Original Box is not available. Height is 11 Inches.
Release Year was 2000. Produced by Greenwich Workshop, Inc. Thailand. Image 2   Base Image   Base Image Detail Showing Edition #142

(Don't be confused by "prints" by the same artist that sell for 1/2 the price or less.)

$60. Dance of the 7 Veils, limited Edition #A1463. This one is wearing red. Porcelian, hand painted in Malaysia. 12 Inches tall

$60.  Mistress of Death limited Edition #3615 of 9500  12" tall, porcelain,, hand painted in Malaysia, Franklin Mint

$60.   "Angel of Darkness"   Angel of Darkness Base #1812 of 9500.     12" tall, porcelain

$60    Dark Angel of Destiny #0969 of 9500.

$100 Wallendorf #1764, "Exotic Dancer", original cost $385.00

$80       Temptress Of The Night
   (Ebay range from $140 + shipping to $225.

$960. Antique 19th Century Sevres Porcelian Bust of Patrice de Mac Mahon, the First Duke of Magenta and the first President of the Third Republican of France. The base has the red gilder's mark, including the year it was made, 1876 and the green oval has S 76, also probably the year it was made, 1876. There is a similar piece on ebay with the same markings, only for 1874.   The owner of this piece paid over $2,000 for it some years ago.     View this page on ebay:!94070!US!-1

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