Three Marilyn Monroe Franklin Mint Dolls inside a plexi-glass case.  View 1      View 2
All 3 dolls AND the display case, $400.00. Individually, no case $160.00 each.
1). Seated in a white dress  "Love Marilyn". This item just sold on Ebay on April 20, 2019 for $202.50 + shipping. But it included the box.
2). Standing "Always Marilyn" in a gold dress.   Sells new for $499, people asking $195. for used ones
3). "Irresistible Marilyn" with Fireplace"    Sells new for $500.+

 SOLD $100.  Camelot Series Queen Morgan Le Fay, by Franklin Mint. Add $10.00 to include the display case with wooden base. We have not yet found the gold cup.

Princess Diana seated on a chair. Add $10 to include the display case with red base..  (Unable to find a similar one on Ebay.)

If contents of display cases are sold without the display case, the unpurchased display case will sell for $20 on Saturday, $15 on Sunday, and for $10 after 3pm on Sunday, if not already sold.

There are no original boxes for any of the above items.

$120. "Cher" Barbie Doll, in the original box

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